A reader has asked how the Telstra wire network will fit in with the high tech fibre optics of the National Broadband Network as envisaged by the federal minister for communications.

The correspondent was prompted by one of the numerous examples of the 'underground' copper network that can be seen hanging from fences around the York district.

"Much has been said lately about copper wires and how they will fit in with the NBN. "The network looks like it needs some attention. "The configuration in this picture has been like this for month with wires running along the fence for hundreds of metres," he said.

There  are also instances in other places around the shire where cables hanging on fences have been cut by vehicles leaving the road, crashing through fences. Yet more have been burnt through by lightning strikes and out of action for days.

"Just as well  we don't have to worry about the security of the network and there won't be problems locating cables or having to deal with asbestos laden in-ground junction boxes," our correspondent added.

TOP: The example referred to in this story on a fence line west of York.