Talbot Land Management Association has thrown its weight behind calls not to approve the rubbish dump on Allawuna farm about 18 kilometres West of York on Great Southern Highway.

It says that to establish a large landfill facility of any description in the upper catchments of the Mundaring and Canning dams would jeopardise these two large fresh water supplies.

President of TLMA for 10 years, Colin Cable, said the association had worked in partnership with the Department of Water in Northam to carry out activities in the upper reaches of the Helena catchment to revegetate, reduce salinity, correct sedimentation, reduce water logging and protect fresh groundwater running downstream adjacent to 13 Mile Creek.

"The eastern side of the creek on the Davies' property was found to have extensive fresh water reserves with springs arising in the centre along the system. "We took numerous water samples and confirmed that sections of the creek were fresh and drinkable," he said.

"Experienced hydrologists, engineers  and geologists and my personal observations indicate the 13 Mile Creek is adjacent to an enormous Palaeolithic channel. "This delivers fresh water from the upper reaches of the catchment across into a break in topography indicated by vegetation and a sandy soil type. From there it flows into the catchment area known as the Helena Mundaring catchment and filters back into Manuring Springs and into the Helena and Canning water catchments," Mr Cable said.

"We live on one of the driest countries on planet earth, so why would we jeopardise our precious fresh groundwater reserves by establishing a large waste facility and risk contaminating water resources for future generations. "Everyone should all say no to this proposed waste disposal system and protect our precious resources," he said.

Above: Scene from Lakes-York Road near to the proposed site at 13 Mile Brook. Below: Members of the Talbot Brook Land Management Association at Qualen Reserve, Talbot where 11,000 powderbark wandoo seedlings were planted out in July 2013.